The Eagle,Globe and Anchor S-1


Welcome to The Eagle,Globe and Anchor's S-1

The S-1, or administrative section, was created for members to allow them to search and view the recruit training, occupational specialties, (MOS) and unit histories of other members. Search for old buddies and make connections with others from your time in the Corps.

Feel free to Invite fellow Marines and Corpsmen to the S-1 section and encourage them to signup. Have them take a few minutes to peek in on The Eagle, Globe, and Anchor's "Marine Corps Discussion" forum.

All those eligible for membership are welcome in the S-1 section and are encouraged to signup for full access to both the Marine General and Open Discussion forums. The forums are very active but are for Marines and Corpsmen only. **

Search for old friends, and add your own recruit training, MOS, and unit information by going here. Be as accurate as possible. The database is only as good as we make it, so let's make it a good one..

When you signup you will be asked for your first and last names. This is strictly for S-1 purposes. Your name will never appear anywhere on this website without your permission and will not be displayed in S-1 search results..

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please do not hesitate to PM me through The Eagle, Globe, and Anchor.The Eagle,Globe and Anchor.

Semper Fi,

Steve Indian